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       Lake Odessa Livestock Auction was purchased in October of 1968 by Verne Lettinga of Wayland Michigan from Wolverine Livestock.  Verne then took on Calvin “Tink” Brown as a partner.  They continued their partnership up until the death of “Tink” in March 2008.   Verne continued to operate the auction barn until September 2011 when he turned it over to his sons; Randy and Paul. Verne now has over 40 years of experience in selling livestock and dairy cattle.


        Lake Odessa Livestock was the first auction barn in Michigan to have a weekly dairy sale, which runs on Tuesday along with the livestock and hay sales.  Through the years, with great success the Auction has continued to grow to be one of Michigan’s largest independently owned sales.


       Lake Odessa is also know for starting the first Draft Horse Auction in the state and continues the tradition with a sale the fourth Friday of March and October.


       Whatever you are buying or selling, livestock, dairy, horses or hay Lake Odessa Livestock Auction is in a great location and has a history of being one of Michigan’s best livestock auction barns.